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When Sofie wrote these words last year (2019), we had no idea what she was writing about.
From this year’s perspective, it may be clearer to everyone and that’s why We breathe together (www.dychamespolu.cz)  is here for you.

The Message of Visionaries to Summer Solstice 2019

(česká verze zde)


I write from the great depth of the connection of dimensions that I am given and allowed to perceive, from the trust that is now placed in me by Masters, protectors, guardians of old teachings, traditions, Life itself.

17.6. is the full moon
21.6. Summer Solstice
22., 23., 24., 25. 6. the time of love of the Stars and the Earth, the time of discovering the treasures … the time of possibility to transform everything that is not working, the time of letting go of old and receiving – renewing, protecting a new one.

PLEASE, from all the Heart of Stars, from joining (loving) elements, allow yourself to indulge yourself at this time, to turn to yourself, to the heart of your treasures and your darkness. And let’s ask, pray, dance, sing, perform rituals, meditate … in connection. In common breath, touch – together. Near and also far.

there is named, seen a lot… but…

It is my gift to show the unseen, the secret, the hidden… and bring messages about it at the time when we are ready, active and able to SEE it, and thus to take responsibility for it. I am not an astrologer, healer or priestess.
I’m an ordinary WOMAN, WHO CAN SEE. Like once were women and men in this space of the centre of “Europe”. When the continent was not yet sunk and divided so much.
I live without being attached to any tradition, at the same time in respect to all. Taught by the Universe, living in non-duality – Raja yoga-Advaita, Dzogchen. In connection with others WHO CAN SEE. Without dependency whether they are in the body or not. Celebrating Life. I move through time, space, dimensions bringing topics to see, healing old wounds of humanity, I weave new light connections.
I shine on the Road.
Life dances through me, in-forms, creates.
And all of this actually happens from itself, from the Essence.

I’ve walked a long way.
12. 7. 2019 number 5 will appear for the first time in my birthday number. I am looking forward to welcome it. But it’s just a symbol.
My age…
WHO measures it?
I thank all Beings living non-duality, for learning, guiding, protecting, for keeping this frequency of Consciousness of all sentient Beings.

I bring (in connection with other Beings whose actions I see) this urgent message:
“Mankind is not seen in its destructive form. It is not seen in its “habit of insensitivity”. It is not seen in its great power to create death, sacrifice, destroy alive by doing its deeds. It is not seen and feel how much Mankind is destroying itself, killing, poisoning and exhausting. For generations, for epoch…
It steals, lies, does not honour and respect.

Therefore… I bring this message:
The centre of Europe is the EYE OF HUMANITY WHICH IS OPENING UP. IT IS THE PUPIL STARTING TO BE FOCUSED. EVERY ONE OF US BY ITS CONNECTION WITH UNIVERSE IS THE ONE CELL OF THIS EYE WHICH IS GETTING FOCUSED. Not by speaking “about” but by intensity, totality, the nature of the union of Stars, Systems, Galactic Centre, Sun, Planets, Moon and Earth.
Please, let´s apologize for our blindness, deafness and laziness. Being attached to well-being and comfort. For our desire for power and also for help. Game on weak and powerful. Let´s apologize for our willingness to destroy and kill people, life. By thought, word and also action! By disconnecting from ourselves. By insensitivity. Let´s apologize for the blood sacrifices we have ever allowed to make. Allow ourselves at this time to have the courage to demand loudly and vividly the forces of the Universe to transform all the old wounds of Mankind, to heal the wounds of men, women and children too, in all nations and traditions. In all times and dimensions. Let´s ask for the transformation of the energy which arise from that back to the Essence, Source.
Let´s ask LIFE, ELEMENTS, UNIVERSE, WHOLE CREATION, for bringing back again harmony and balance in a gentle way.
Let’s bow down to LIFE.
Remember that gift of HUMAN BIRTH and our responsibility to maintain the harmony of Life on Earth, and by that in the entire Cosmological movements.
Let´s ask for the return of our Wholeness, the inner strength that we have taken from ourselves by our blindness, deafness and numbness.
The eye of mankind opens up, the organism Humanity comes alive. We choose whether it will see or be blind, we are its pupil. Let´s ask, let us to see, hear, feel, speak, stand and move the STRAIGHT and UPRIGHT.
So do I please.

Sofie K. Sarras 13.6.2019
(This message can be disseminated, with the name of author, in full, unchanged form) Electronically at www.kalyani.cz, Vhledy