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Healing Gate – Corona


Through this video, the healing vibrations flow to the current situation…🙏🏻 
It happened…5/3/2020
Many look for miracles, many do not believe in them…
they happen according to the state of our mind settings…
our speech settings…body perception…and OPENNESS to harmonizing vibrations of spheres,
dimensions where perception of suffering…of diseases disappear…
In Love Sofie

Video is with English subtitles.


Sofie thank you, beautiful and strong

How you shared the video by Sofia, it is amazing. I feel after it, how the energy started flowing through me again … 🙏❤
Radek Novotný

Beautiful, unique! Thank you 🙏🏻
 I’m glad that somebody else also perceive what is happening now in somehow “the same” way, similarly … I’m part of it 
Gabča Ducháčková

Thank you, it’s deep and so simple at the same time. After couple of experiences with friends I have a recommendation that you don´t understand, it´s enough to look, feel and hear :-) It happens by itself, so great, relief. Like when we look at the sunset, we just enjoy it and we feel great and we often don´t know why,  and everyone will see their own there :-)

Ida Sára Keltnerová

Thank you thank you thank you! Simplicity and power at the same time. It was enough to observe, perceive the voice and I felt more calm and panic and “hopelessness” disappeared. On the contrary the feeling that everyone can do something has increased. We are not the little ones, but we are the Creators and it is up to us how we will feel in the Presence (and the current situation), how we will face to it and what we will do. WHO will do. :)

Darja Janíčková

My heart is thanking, my heart is cheering
how is the Present Beauty mirroring here
Tigle like from pictures glitters in the sky
it answers the question of eternal Being.

When you, simple man, open your heart
you will see, you will feel all the jewels flowing here thanks to the vibrations of Happiness
just relax, it´s enough…
to connect (with) That….

Šárka Marková

Dear Sofia, only now I looked at the video, it’s amazing! Thank you also for the photo you sent me, it is beautiful, it flows directly into the heart and this state persists, the Gate is open.
Věra Kočka