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Sofie K. Sarras


a shamanic journey to context, heal human Beings, create health and safety

March 11th 2020
Prague, Czech Republic

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Written down by Ida Sára Keltnerová who functioned as a shamanic mirror during the session.
English translation from Czech: Jiri Sourek
Correction: Patrick Venulejo, Ida Sara Keltnerova
Graphic and production: Darja Janickova

Record, March 11th 2020, Prague, Czech Republic:

I’m sitting, I’m feeling hot all over my body. I need to breathe a lot, and I decide to enter a dimension that will help me see what I feel, but which I can’t express in any way. I can’t show it and it relates to COVID-19. I connect to all protectors that I perceive and also that lead me in that direction. I feel my shoulders, arms and chest pulsating. 

I wonder why do I do it?
For whom?
After all, it would be so easy to just rest in the relaxation and in the experience of the Emptiness, in the Glitter of the Emptiness, and help to the highest extent this way. That calling is strong. 

Some context was shown to me yesterday (9th to 10th March), which did not leave me indifferent. I feel a competency to enter a shamanic path…to keep taking action also this way, for the Enlightenment and Realization of all Beings. To spread COMPASSION, Love…This is my personal setting. It is my meditation skill to travel through dimensions and times without the need of shamanic medicines. I have no experience with those in this life. 

I enter. The map that my sister (Dagmar) sent me yesterday comes to my mind. It is a map of the spread of plague in the 14th century. It begun in 1330 (A.D.). They quote that it started in the same China´s province like nowadays!!! And it was brought into the whole of Europe through traveling within few years, mainly to Italy. 

Source of map: Flipsnack.com; Author: Roger_Zenner

So, the situation of 690 years ago is repeating now and a question arises in me: What does it want to tell me? What do you want to tell me? What should I see? What should I find out? 

I perceive that for looking into that space, I need to feel a lot of connection with all of those, who keep the vibration of the transition to the “new” age on the Earth. Better to say to the Gate, a dimension, that opens again for human beings. Now I feel that connection. 

I feel a strong pressure in the brain, fontanel area. I feel even hot there.
I feel intensively my female body and a strong concentration.
I hear the words: “You, when you focus your attention on something, then it´s pretty impressive..!“ There is such energy of trust and lightness flowing from the protectors, from those who are so close to me.
Yes. My energy increased and I´m getting aware of the clear goal:
From Compassion observe everything that I should see. See through the situation. Bring the message. 

Time and Space. I see the history of mankind, relationship to bodies, to life, to conception, to birth, to death, respectively to dying, to the value of human life!!! And I perceive the gradual veiling and the path of the human race into the dark age, from which we are now emerging. EMERGING FROM!!! 

This coming out, this emerging “FROM”, must always be kept in mind. Brightness. The Memory of when we knew, or many did not know, that we were experiencing the rhythm of forgetting, of veiling. The Un-veiling is happening now (apocalypse in greek). 

My brain vibrates even more. I am in a very subtle state of perception. I perceive the weight of my brain more, my whole Body shines. My physical body is tiny. It’s in me. I’m that Shine. I’m expanding. Entering “into” means expanding! 

At the same time I realize just how much is sufficient to realize nonexistence and… I’m not. Everything is a dream, even “I”. No weight, Nothing, everything changes. Is this called quantum consciousness now? This is known to me as an advanced meditation practice. Yes, scientific research is reaching the knowledge of the Masters. Mankind has really gone a long way. 

Especially because these news about panic, fear and confusion … For COMPASSION and healing, for understanding in the awareness of TRANSIENCE and non-attachment … I travel to look and hand over to people a message about something that wants to be revealed.

This is what causes this weight of my brain, the weight of the body. The game that we exist, in time and space. The state of being in which causes and effects exist, which is so real to many. And which is also absolutely unknown to many. How different are (the various) human experiences. And they can all be integrated into Love. Into the Awareness of Compassion, Transience and Nonviolence. 

The repeating is happening…(and repetition is the mother of wisdom … and the father of growth, as I have been passing this on for so many years…). Year 1330. What kind of relationships were in Italy? What kind of relationships were in the Europe? What kind of relationships were in China? What kind of relationships were with The Essence of One´s self ? Who dealt with the connection with The Essence (God)? Who lived in Direct Connection? And who did commerce? Comparing one with the other? Who was longing for power? How conscious was the care for human bodies? And in whose hands were the treatments? How did the individual countries, the empires, the city-states, experienced humility towards Life? HOW THE HEALING THROUGH THE SPIRIT, THE LIGHT, WAS RESPECTED…or…how to describe it without religious influence?! How were the Beings aware of themselves? How did they work with opportunities to get to know themselves, help each other? How was developed the knowledge of „Who is a Human Being“? How do we remember this time? 1330 – 1349 … the plague. Who would link that time period with today? Who will see history repeating itself? 

Even then, people had a chance to awake, to see, to go towards HUMANITY. Many did, but many did not. Even today we have a chance to see and awake and how we decide?
This is a question for the normal mindful human mind. Understanding determines capacity. The capacity of self-knowledge. Not education, not learned procedures. All of this comes from a logical or analytical mind. Where is the feeling? What does integrity mean? Conscious relationships?
What is the real capacity and potential of our body, our brain? 

After these words I can relax myself, I went through the following dimension and I can relax and I can go further into the journey. To expand even more.

No being shows up to me as a guide but a picture is shown to me – a feeling of a pearl. I feel my chest, it is full of pearls. And those pearls change into the essence of roses and take me to a following dimension. That’s my protection. And a smell of roses, oh yes, I understand that dimension so well. A space of non-attachment and transience. The Gate… 

I’m out of the human dimension, out of all those disputes and fights. And, how this is called…conspiracy theories. I’m in a glittering space. I’m even no more „Self“, I’m just watching. And I see, see through. 

I See the Chinese territory. I look at the place where the COVID-19 apparently originated, Wu-han. I do not know what was happening in China in 1330 but I perceived that…No, I need one dimension further to know… The rulers of that territory… some ritual is being done there that opened a portal that remained open. I can see it, but it is still not clear… more likely I’ll describe it in the way how I feel it… There are two levels intertwined. One level is that I perceive a cover around the Earth. It is shining blue and it maintains the Beings’ quality of life and protects them. Actually, it’s really a cover of love, a cover of compassion. A cover that maintains balance and is not responsible for the way people treat themselves. This cover is damaged above that place, above China and is damaged by some kind of ritual, and that is the second level, that it has been carried out there, out of a desire for power, for ruling over the World. The ritual was performed by more beings and they did not realize the whole impact that it will have. The word “inhumanity” sounds here. They were not at all interested in the human being as such. All they were interested in was the desire to win, to have more, and to control. 

Yes ! I got it! 

I can see how long ago there was an agreement that 5 human races will maintain balance on Earth and will maintain the Wisdom of the creation of the human body. And the deal was agreed with Beings from other dimensions that were forming protective cover around planets. Now I see the Earth, specifically. The cover is maintained under that agreement. Fulfilling the agreement by every!!! race. And I see how the ritual was created, by means of which the “yellow” race did not fulfill their mission. And that mission was to connect the people with the Earth, with their bodies and conscious movement. To keep that wisdom and constantly inspire in that potential of body movement, of the flight of the body. And that was forgotten in that race. It turned into a tendency to dominate. By doing a ritual there, which was directed towards dominating the beings that began to arrive or were arriving in China at that time. Instead of WISDOM, trade was offered. Now I can see Marco Polo´s expeditions… Those journeys…
So instead of teaching and handing over wisdom, they slipped into trade and the desire for ruling and power.

Now I feel very hot, my brain is burning, it’s hard to enter into it. I perceive those connections.
They stopped seeing themselves and they wanted more… wow…  now I see that traveling to China, those expeditions around the 11th, 12th century, and the results that those started to have in the 13th, 14th and 15th century, when there was a great movement on Earth that had already
led to the awakening of human beings. But because a certain layer turned it away, away from the body, there happened an abuse of the wisdom of the races, for personal benefit… so the wave of plague came. For human beings to realize what is valuable, healthy. What is the potential of man. Why is a human being here. Who a human being is. What is it made of, how is formed?

And in fact again another chance has developed since the 14th century. A chance weather people will evolve somehow. What do they do with wisdom, with gifts? Whether they enrich themselves with inner wisdom or abuse each other. Whether they perceive travel as a chance to turn inwards and work on themselves… whether they enrich themselves by themselves or do so at the expense of others.
And… that’s why a number of souls incarnate here repeatedly to remind it. 

…and I See… so many people died at that time, for which no one prayed or made a ritual for them, and the souls then incarnated again.
I See…we are now in the phase where all un-finished events come back to surface. Places release their memory. It is happening again and our task is to realize that connection with the 14th century and think about that questions that I spoke about in the first level. Think deeply about who we are. What potential we have. What have we learned? How can we realize the original meaning of races and what the human body is made of. What is the Essence of everything? That we can all begin to realize together now, in Compassion and in Love and with the courage of what mass death must be, without anyone wishing for those leaving to leave consciously. How it affects Life! What’s going on now? How are we aware of the context? 

It has been a long time since the reincarnation has been suppressed in that region, so it wasn’t considered at that time. People, Souls, were controlled by fear.  And in those areas it flows to the surface again!!!
And because the sensitivity is increasing, perceptiveness, vibrations, we are all connected, we are experiencing it again. I see the people who perform rituals even now and they don´t even know what they´re causing with it.
So I perceive that people can now ask, in their own way, for the peace of all Souls, Beings, space-time. Ask, transform, release all those pains and horrors. Unhealthy rituals. Everywhere. Everybody with its potential. Wish, within time and space, to all beings to release, those in that 14th century and even those from now. Ask! Create! Do practice! Rest… In the whole history of mankind. Dream consciously this dream. It is a chain of emotions, thoughts, that are washed out by a lot of people. They are so sensitive, that they let them go through themselves and they cannot distinguish what it is all about. I see so many different capacities of human beings. Some don’t even know they have a human body. They do not know about their origin, even about their potential, the gift of LIFE. 

So… I see a possibility, one of many… to bring Awareness of correlations to whole situation. Start to think differently. Start to observe more… and be aware. Let yourself be „touched“. In a dream we dream together. 

The portal that is open over China and is not the only „unhealthy“ open one in that protective cover, can be healed. By understanding, Love and Compassion. By the return of WISDOM. So the “yellow” race can realize, actually all the races…their own potential. Own big gifts. Hihi… to confess own color. (In this dimension, the quality of humor is also intense, but it is difficult to translate into words)
People are becoming one race now because the old settings are disappearing. The connection is huge. And science just shows what has been from a long time. I see that everything is happening to experience and understanding. That’s why I´ve been invited to this journey. 

I can feel that frequency of helping in different dimensions. Helping in that original tuning, set up that is characterized by being aware of love, compassion, non-violence, but also awareness of transformation, transience. 

All my body is pulsating now, just now the first chakra, belly and hips. 

And a question comes towards people: “What are you doing to yourself here? Do you realize how you treat yourself? You´re killing yourself through unconscious behaviour. With yourselves, with technologies. The coronavirus is nothing compare to it. Do you know what do you cause with your movement, with your language, with your mind, which you tune every moment? Do you tune your mind? Do you know what the Heart really is? 

It is a challenge. There is nothing I can do about this in this dimension.
It affects all human beings. I just have to show that interconnection between that 14th century and the present. And I bring questions that are in the dimensions where I´ve been allowed to. Guided. To bring them into human language.
The humor again. 

And I still perceive the vibration that I translate into the word VALEDICTION. It is still to that 14th century. At the relationship level, people had no time to say goodbye to each other. What was happening to the human bodies, the speech, the minds, the breath those days, so, it was appaling. Same as the present relationship to trees, water. Inhumanity. To me has been showed the aspect of no valediction. The places remain full of pain. People didn’t manage to say “goodbye” or “thank you” or “I love you”. Simply that emotional and relationship debts that were created then, in terms of mental capacity, were far greater than what happened during World War I. and II. As if during First and Second World War, there was some greater orientation, more prayer and reconciliation with death. Greater education, wisdom. But back then it was a big surprise, a big surprise for everyone. Like now. 

And now the attention goes back to the Czech Republic. Center of Europe. I see the center of Europe as a star gate which carries with it a strong potential for respect and for sensitivity. The Rule of the Heart and courage and rebellion at the same time. And the need to turn even more attention to this. To turn the energy of rebellion into a manifestation of courage and strength of this center of the Heart of Europe. We have a very strong protection that is also carried in the words of Princess Libuse, the wisdom of 14th century rulers. There is a lot of it and a lot is known. That’s not why I’m here. I focus on the Core Things. I see great protection, but it is linked to activity. To interconnection without arrogance. We can’t afford that in the Star gate. Or we can, but then the protection will not work. I see the wisdom of protection created here by rulers and their wives, prayers in the 14th Century. Sacred architecture. So we can perceive that strength and send it to ourselves and spread it to other countries. Now I see a picture where the “nectar” of life is constantly dropping into the center of Europe from the blue cover around the planet. When I speak from the perspective of existence… The nectar keeps dropping from the cover, so the point is to realize that it is constantly dropping on us and that we are in it! That we are in that opalescent blue… protection, whatever name will be used for it and wherever it would spread. And I can see how these waves are spreading further, as it drops and spreads this wave further, and again it drops and waves… and I see it drop where people really want to relive the original meaning of HUMANITY. Where they are responsible for themselves and… they are singing! They are responsible for THEIR WORDS AND MOVEMENTS! It is been shown to me as very important. The human was created from universal wisdom. From elements. From star dust. The importance is to remember and not doubt it, to experience the experience. To view ourselves as such, to speak to each other accordingly, to think about ourselves accordingly. 

What´s interesting is that as I say all this, I PRONOUNCE IT LOUDLY AND I SHINE, then I look at the portal over China and I can see how it´s becoming a bit smaller. Slow healing is happening. 

The word valediction still sounds through me. Now, again, I suddenly see many Masters and Light Beings around me saying, “People can’t say goodbye. They act as if life has no end. They look toward new beginnings and they do not perform end rituals. They want to see the beauty but they refuse to acknowledge transience. This is not the way of center, what is needed to fulfill the intention. Valediction, endings, the center. That’s the challenge. Without valediction with old times, without respect to the ending of old ways of perception, without resting in our individual center, they ignore the uplifting vibration. The people are THOSE who materialize new dimension of LIFE. Through them the whole thing is happening. They are not alone, but it is happening through them. And the speech continues: “The Earth has fulfilled its task. It absorbs the pulse of cosmic movement, the human bodies will accept it and either stay or not. They are all taken care of.” 

I see… people standing on their feet on the ground, aware that it is a spring and that the Earth strength goes to blossom. The plants are growing and everything. Also people are made of this strength… they have new bodies… they realize the ability to create… I perceive the practice… to become a plant which with its feet gains the strength of the earth and at the same time realizes the whole connection with everything. Even with all beings. Crystal bodies are created. There´s no sense therefore in not wishing others growth and Life. Men, like plants, live from this creative power. Whatever name it is called, universal, sexual, earthly, star, spiritual. Men are alive from this creative power. They, like the Earth as well, like stars, are created from it. And they have the gift to be aware of it. And that’s common for all the races. Men without connection to this power destroy themselves… and others too. That power does not have a color, shape… Crystal… Glittering of Emptiness. The crystal body creation is happening.

So, I’m getting back. I perceive I brought in, took down what I was supposed to.
Thank you Ida for the shamanic mirroring.
I thank all the protectors, the Masters.
I dedicate all this for the enlightenment and realization of all beings, for their healthy growth, for the harmonic evolution of all humanity.

Sofia adds in Buddhistic words:
The entire planet is under the protection of Vajrasattva and human beings can become crystal beings when they realize how a drop of blue opalescent nectar is dropping on them. 

12th March 2020 we are shooting short videos. It’s still happening… I’m editing the text and fine-tuning the notes with the actual experience. I´m absorbing the words from this journey. I feel the responsibility. 

13th March 2020 after waking up the words 13th INSIGHT enters. And now it’s whole. 

I pass these words on as suggestions for further work. In trust of the wisdom and responsibility of anyone who will read them and be inspired. Many people have their methods and with their capabilities they support this global activity.
In connection.

“This insight can be shared further, with the author’s name reference and a reference to the source, in full, unchanged form.”

This is a call for development, sharing, connection and co-creation. Stay in touch and join the Youtube channel with healing vibration.